PrePre/Pre class Report 👨‍👩‍👧 ブログ(世田谷)

May was a good month for the Pre pre and Pre kids!

They are getting a lot better with their school and class routines and learning our circle time songs.

They are also having a lot of fun getting to know and playing with their friends! 

Our theme for the month of May was Family.

The students had fun learning songs about Family,

making their family tree and their special craft for mother`s day!

For our Alphabet, we learned the letters D, E and F!

The students enjoyed learning these letters through

our fun activities such as Dinosaur stamping for the letter D,

putting a bunch of eyes for our letter E and going fishing for the letter F!

For our other Pre pre lessons, we learned the color green,

the number 2 and the triangle shape!

The students had fun learning these concepts through games,

crafts and other fun activities in class!