Pre class Report👨‍👩‍👧 ブログ(代官山)

The month of May may be the last month of the spring season but our little friends in Preschool are just getting started to have more fun in school! This month’s theme was all about “My Family,” as well as learning more about the letters Bb and Cc, the color blue and the shape triangle!

– For the whole month of May, we focused on getting familiar with the members of our families – Daddy or Papa, Mommy or Mama, Brother, Sister and Baby! We started every class with the song “Baby Shark” where everyone showcased their dance moves and singing skills with big smiles on their faces! Making stick puppets for the whole family was also a lot of fun especially playing “Where is ____?” with them afterwards!

– Since we ended April learning about letter Aa, this month started with a new letter friend, Bb! We learned about how Bb looks like, its sound and the words that begins with it! Our Pre friends did an amazing job in making their Bee Craft which they tried some finger painting! We also met another letter friend which was Cc! It was exciting to dig some carrots and sort them into uppercase C and lowercase C! Our Crab Craft was also awesomely done by our Pre friends where they practiced ripping colored tissue papers!

– This month we also learned another color which is blue! We did a little experiment where we observed how the clear water turned blue after putting some food coloring in it! It was like magic! Our Pre friends excitedly mixed it as well as practiced pouring the blue water to a container. We also tried catching blue fishes with our blue fishing nets! It was so much fun scooping the fishes from the tub filled with water!

– We met a new shape this month as well and it’s none other than, triangle! If there’s one food, shaped like a triangle, that makes us all excited, it is pizza! Our Pre friends did a fantastic job looking for pizza slices and completed a box of it! We also learned about number 2 in the most fun way, freeze dance! They learned how 2 looks like and tried their best to count as well!