Kinder Class Report😀 ブログ(代官山)

Week 1

Our theme for May was ‘All About Me.’ For week 1, we learned about the different parts of the body and face! Students enjoyed reading the book ‘From Head to Toe’ and trying to copy the different movements with their body. We also worked in teams to hunt for the parts to make a boy and girl body. At the end of the week we learned about the face and played a fun game where students made a silly face while blind folded!!

Week 2

For our second week of May, our theme was health and hygiene. We started off by learning about germs. Students did an experiment to see how soap helps to clean germs off our hands using rubber glove hands! It was a lot of fun!! We also learned about the importance of brushing our teeth. For our group craft, students made a two big teeth and discussed what is good and bad for our teeth.

Week 3

For the final week of May, our focus was on feelings and emotions. Students learned about different emotions and how our mood can change throughout the day. We put up a feelings chart in our classroom so students could think about how they feel at different times. We also read a story call ‘The Pout Pout Fish’ about a grumpy fish who changes his mood. Rise students each got to make their own pout pout fish and choose how he was feeling!