PrePre report🌻 ブログ(世田谷)

The pre-pre class had a lot of fun for the month of July! The summer season has officially started which meant the kids can finally have fun and enjoy our pool days!

For the month of July, our pre-pre friends learned about their body parts! To help them remember the words for our theme, we sang the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song. The students enjoyed singing our theme song so much! The students were quite excited to name and learn the words for their body parts through our fun theme activities.

For our alphabet lesson, the students learned about the letters Ii and Jj. The kids are getting a lot better with our matching activities and singing our alphabet chants in class.

For our math concepts, the students learned about the numbers 1-4, the star for shape and the color pink in class.

The students enjoyed making their pink cotton candy craft for pink and singing “twinkle, twinkle star” whenever we do our shapes lesson.