🐫Kinder Class Report🐫 ブログ(代官山)

For our first week of July, we took a trip to the desert and learned about the animals that live there. Students enjoyed seeing pictures of different deserts and hearing about how hot and dry they are. In addition to learning animal names, we also studied their tracks and how different animals walk through the sand. RISE students had a chance to try tracking their own animal and enjoyed guess what it could be. On our last day, our students were able to choose their favorite desert animal and try to draw their tracks.

The second week of July was all about air animals. First, we learned the names of different air animals and then we studied their characteristics. RISE students also learned about the different parts of the bird (beak, wing, feathers) and worked together to put together a giant bird puzzle. For our air animal craft, students made a summery pink flamingo. K2 and K3 students were challenged with their folding skills, while K1 worked on crumpling. Students did a great job and they were very cute!

Our last week of July, RISE students reviewed the different animals and habitats we have been studying. We also made a desert diorama for our group craft. Our kinder students really loved making all the different elements for the desert landscape. When we finished students had the chance to put the animals inside and play with them. To finish up our animal theme, we played a habitat BINGO game. Kinder students got to choose the habitat they liked and then had to mark the animals on their bingo card. It was very exciting to see the kids fill their cards and get BINGO!