🌺Pre Class Report🌺 ブログ(代官山)

As summer continues to the month of July, our Preschool friends also continued to learn and discover a lot of things while having fun. This month’s theme was all about “Body Parts,” as well as learning more about the letters Ff, Gg and Hh, the color green, number 4 and the shape star!

– For the whole month of May, we focused on getting familiar with the different parts of our bodies. We started each class with the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” that goes faster and faster every turn which made it fun and challenging for the kids. We played “Run and Touch,” “Simon Says…” and “Build a Face Race” where they mastered naming the body parts and knowing where are they located in the body!

– This month we learned 3 more letter friends which are Ff, Gg and Hh! For letter Ff, our Preschool friends did a “Fishing for F” activity as well as a Fox Craft where they tried putting together the parts of a fox and crumpled papers for its tail. For letter Gg, we did an “Opening Gifts” game where they picked out the gift they liked, opened it and sorted it as G or g. They also made a Goose Craft where they put together the parts of the goose and practiced drawing grass using green crayon. Finally, for letter Hh, we did a House Craft where they put the roof, windows and door as well as some stars on the night sky!

– Another color we have learned this month is green! Our friends in Preschool did a little experiment on how to make green water. They did it by mixing yellow water and blue water together! They all enjoyed watching the color change and tried mixing and pouring the green water into different cups. Another craft they made was the Green Turtle Plate where they mixed paints to make green then practiced stamping the green paint to the turtle plate.

– Since we celebrate Tanabata during July, we also met the shape connected to it which is star! Our Pre friends did an amazing job searching for the stars and match it with the correct shadow! For a bit of a challenge, we also tried completing a Star Puzzle wherein they had to look closely what the pattern looks like and copy it to finish the puzzle! Everyone did a fantastic job!