Pre Class report🌺 ブログ(世田谷)

The pre class of Setagaya is steadily growing! For the month of July,

the pre kids had a lot of fun playing and learning with a larger group of friends!

They also had a chance to mingle with their Daikanyama friends for our Tanabata event!

Summer has officially started,

which meant the little ones can finally play and cool off in our school pool!

The theme for the month of July for pre is all about their body parts.

The pre students did well in learning the names and identifying the parts of their body.

For our alphabet lesson,

our pre friends learned and reviewed the letters from Aa to Hh!

They enjoyed doing a focused craft activity for the letter Hh and made an Hh house!

For math, the pre kids learned about the numbers “1-4”,

the color “green” and the “star” shape.

The pre kids enjoyed counting things up to 4,

mixing colors to make green and color sorting.