🐿PrePre Class Report🐿 ブログ(世田谷)

It was a great summer season for the Pre-Pre class of Rise Setagaya! The class is continuing to grow, which means more pre-pre friends to play and share memories with!

For the month of September our theme was all about Farm Animals! The students had a lot of fun learning about animals at the farm. The students enjoyed copying the sounds of sheeps, cows, pigs, ducks, dogs and horses. During our theme activities, the students learned the songs Old Mc Donald and BINGO, they enjoyed singing these songs a lot! They also made a pig craft, a sheep mask and feed the farm animals!

For our alphabet, our pre-pre friends learned the letter Mm and Nn. They learned the words, nest, necklace, net, moon, and monkey.

For our math concepts, we learned about the numbers 1-6, the oval shape, and the color black! The students enjoyed making our oval shaped mouse and going on an oval egg hunt!  They also had fun learning about the numbers 1-6 and the color black through our dance and obstacle course activities in class!

Our pre-pre friends sure had a lot of fun during our September learning sessions! They are excited for the coming Autumn season as they will be learning a lot of new concepts together with their pre-pre friends.