🌍Kinder Class Report🌍 ブログ(代官山)

The month of September we celebrate the beginning of the fall season. As the temperatures cool down, our Kindergarten students have been enjoying more time to play outside with their friends.

Our theme for this month is Around the World. The Kinder class has been so excited to learn about the seven continents and travel around the world together. We even learned to say hello in many languages!

It was so fun for students to learn about where our teachers and RISE classmates come from. Students especially loved seeing all the beautiful things Ms. Iya had from the Ukraine. The girls love wearing the traditional flower crown or ‘vinok’. We also had an exciting visit from the Griffiths family, who taught us about the United Kingdom and Singapore.

This month, we also learned about world festivals and celebrations. Together we read the story of the Indian holiday Diwali and had the chance to make a colorful mandala. Students loved working together to make a colorful piece of art to display.

We also learned about foods from around the world. Our students especially loved tasting world snacks like shortbread from the United Kingdom and nachos from Mexico. At the end of the week, we got to draw our favorite food and share with our friends. Everyone’s dish looked delicious!!