🌰Pre Class Report🌰 ブログ(世田谷)

September came by so fast for our Pre-friends in Setagaya! We met two new additional friends in class and the students were quite happy to welcome them in.

For the month of September, the Pre students enjoyed a lot of fun activities with our Farm Animals theme! They did so well with singing the Old Mc Donald and BINGO which is our theme song for the month. During our theme lessons, the students were able to do a lot of sensory play activities! They helped clean up some muddy pigs, sheer some sheep, and milk a cow! The students had so much fun!

This September the students learned about the letters Kk where they learned the words kite, kangaroo, key, king and kiwi. They  made a kite craft for the letter KK. For the letter Ll, they learned the words, ladybug, leaf, lion, and letter. They also made and painted their lady bug craft.

For our math concepts, the pre students learned about the number 6, purple and the oval shape. The students enjoyed a lot of learning activities for these concepts. It was also a great way for them to practice some social skills during class activities such as waiting for their turn and helping out their friends.