🐏PrePre Class Report🐏 ブログ(代官山)

Summer may be over but our little friends in PrePre class are full of excitement as we transition into a new season and continue discovering and having fun in school! This month of September, they learned about animals, letters M and N, the color black, the shape oval and number 6!

For the whole month of September, the PrePre class enjoyed learning about the different animals and their sounds! We sang and danced along to the songs Old McDonald and BINGO to remember the animals easily! They were very enthusiastic naming and sounding the animals through our fun theme activities and crafts!

For our alphabet lesson, the PrePre class learned 2 more letters which were M and N! They are getting a lot better with recognizing the flashcards and can even name them confidently! They had a lot of fun doing the different games and activities as well as singing our songs and chants!

For our math concepts, the PrePre class learned numbers 1-6, color black and the oval shape! Our little friends enjoyed the umbrella game to catch number 6, sorting colors and making their own black mouse as well as matching oval pairs and finding oval eggs!