🍂Pre Class Report🍂 ブログ(代官山)

As we transition to a new month and the season of autumn, our little friends in Preschool class continues to learn and discover about animals, letters K and L, numbers 1 to 6, color purple and the shape oval!

For the whole month of September, the Pre class enjoyed learning about the different farm animals through various sensory activities and pretend plays! Some of these fun activities were milking the cow, feeding the horses, washing muddy pigs and sheering the sheep!

Everyone was also enthusiastic in singing and dancing along to Old McDonald Had a Farm and BINGO song! By the end of the month, they did a Barn Craft and at this point they were able to name the animals and imitate their sounds!

We also learned 2 more letters this month which were K and L! The Pre students are really getting better in terms of letter retention and sound recognition as each day goes by! They had a lot of fun making their Kite and Ladybug Crafts as well as flying their own kites and having a lemon tasting activity as part of our letter K and L lessons!

For our math concepts, the Pre class learned about a new color through mixing paints in a ziplock bag that turned out purple just like grapes! They were also able to sort purple toys from other colors!

They also enjoyed matching oval pairs and making flowers using oval petals! They are also getting better in counting numbers and had a lot of fun learning about 6!