🍬🎃Pre・Kinder Halloween Party Report🎃🍬 ブログ(共通)

One of the most awaited events of our students is the Halloween Party! This year, our Kinder and Pre friends excitedly came to RISE wearing their favorite costumes. To start off our spooky day, we all joined together to sing and dance along with the songs, “Spooky Loo” and “Go Away Scary Monster!”

For the first activity, our RISE friends got ready to carve a real pumpkin and make a Jack-o-lantern! Each one of them got a chance to scoop out the seeds inside the pumpkin using their bare hands! Then, we worked in 2 groups to design how the jack-o-lantern will look like. After everyone watched their teachers carve their designs on the pumpkin, the Kinder friends were able to try guided carving as well!

The next activity was playing some Halloween games and booths! Our RISE friends played a pumpkin relay, spider fishing as well as completing the skeleton of Mr. Bones! They also experienced walking through a scary and spooky haunted house to find some treasure rings at the end!

After a filling lunch, our RISE friends got ready to do some Trick or Treating around the neighborhood! It was a lot of fun since there were a lot of parent volunteers and even some stores from Dixsept who participated to give treats to the kids! RISE students truly enjoyed their Halloween experience this year!