Kinder class report 〜🌷May🌷〜 ブログ(代官山)

Weather Activities

As part of our spring theme, our homeroom class explored the changing weather in the spring season. Students made their own parachutes and tested them out at school to learn about the wind. Then, we learned about the water cycle by making a rain cloud in a jar.

Parts of the Flower

Rise students learned all about the parts of the flower. First, they dissected their own flowers. Then, they worked together to build two giant flowers. Students really enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of flowers their friends brought.

Planted flower

For our planting theme, students got a chance to paint their own flowerpot. The next day, they all had fun planting their own marigold and carnation seeds. We are all looking forward to watching them grow.


After many rainy days, the RISE kindergarten class went on a field trip to Saigoyama Park. The RISE students were so excited to arrive at the park. As a class, we played the grab-the-tail game and duck, duck, goose. Students were so excited to eat outside and enjoy nature together.