Kinder class 〜🌺July🌺〜 ブログ(代官山)

We had a fun filled month learning and discovering new things! The students had a lot of fun learning about the ocean and the water all around us for the month of July!


Rainbow Fish 

As part of our Ocean theme, we read The Rainbow Fish book together and the students recreated the story by playing the roles of the different characters themselves. We had fun swimming around together! Later in the week, the students enjoyed making their own Rainbow Fish using celery to stamp fins on their fish.




We learnt about a variety of ocean animals (such as angel fish, clown fish, puffer fish) and went fishing for them! After the students caught a fish, they carefully passed the fishing rod down a line to their team members. Later in the week, the students went “diving” for matching fish!



Searching for ocean animals

Continuing with our ocean theme this month, the students learnt more facts about ocean animals and searched for them in trays of water. You can see some of them doing a very good impression of puffer fish!




We had so much fun playing in the pool with water guns and pool toys. It was nice for the students to cool off in the water since the weather was so hot. They loved targeting the teachers with the water guns!