Pre class 〜🍉July🍉〜 ブログ(代官山)

July was a warm month with many activities and lots of fun. We learnt more alphabet letters and made lots of crafts.
We made an iguana craft for the letter “I” and a jet craft for the letter “J”. The students are enjoying doing crafts by themselves and trying their best to follow the steps.

This month we focused on the triangle shape while we were reviewing the previous shapes as well. We made a star craft for the Tanabata Event and “This is Me” craft. We also learnt how to use playdoh and make shapes with it.

The most effective way to learn is review. And there’s no better way to review than through games. Our students’ favourite game is the Alphabet Fishing game. They had lot of fun trying to find the correct letter and catching it with the fishing rod. Another game that we played is  the word recognition game using mats, where in the students had to pick up the word on the mat and say what it is. It was a good way for the students to reinforce their language skills. These activities gave the students the opportunity to learn new words and letters!

We also learnt how to count from 1 to 4 with flashcards and matched numbers with dots. Moreover, we used the counting cubes to practice more. One of our fun activities was bowling with the number flashcards, the students had fun learning through games.

Last but not least, for July’s theme, we learnt about body parts. The students had the opportunity to do many fun activities such as built a bear, find the correct flashcards through the obstacles and recognise the teddy bear’s body parts.