PrePre class 〜🌻July🌻〜 ブログ(代官山)

July was a warm month with many activities and lots of fun. We learnt more alphabet letters and made lots of crafts.

This month we focused on the triangle shape while we were reviewing the previous shapes as well. We made a star craft for the Tanabata Event and a star collage. Furthermore, we made puzzle shapes and fished for stars.

For Math, we learned how to count from 1-4, we used cups and bocks to build towers while practicing how to count.  We also learned about the colour red! Who doesn’t like the colour red? The students learned how to sort  by color. They also identified fruits, classroom items and other everyday objects that are red!

Last but not least, for July’s theme, we learnt about body parts. The students learned the name of their body parts with the help of our classroom Teddy Bear! The students enjoyed getting to know Mr. Bear and learning with him!