Kinder class 〜🍁September🍁〜 ブログ(代官山)

September’s theme was Dino Land. Rise students had a great time learning all about many different dinosaurs.


Get to know some dinosaurs

Students learn the names of some dinosaurs and facts about them. We talked about what they eat, their teeth and their eggs. Students were all so excited to talk about the dinosaurs! For our group craft, our kindergarten students made a dinosaur habitat and painted a triceratops. They were happy to see the big dinosaur that they made!


Walking Giants

Our second week of Dino Land, we explored dinosaur footprints and the sizes of different dinosaurs. Students used their handprints to see how big dinosaur footprints really are and completed a dinosaur footprint scavenger hunt. We finished the week with an exciting footprint race, which also was great for developing students’ motor skills!


Dinosaur Fossils

For week three, Rise kinder students learned about dinosaur fossils. Each student got a chance to imagine different dinosaur skeletons using pasta. All of them were so focused and enjoyed making dinosaur out of pasta! Then, we went on a dig and students searched for the fossils of their favorite dinosaurs. This was one of their favorite dinosaur activity this month!


Meet a Paleontologist

This week, students learned what a Paleontologist is and what they do. Then, students had a chance to be a paleontologist and search to find their favorite dinosaurs. To end our dinosaur theme, students had the chance to break open a dinosaur egg and discover a new dinosaur to take home! They were so excited to get a dinosaur out from the egg!