PrePre class 〜🍇September🍇〜 ブログ(代官山)

The first month of Autumn was a month full of fun and interesting activities.


Our month’s theme was farm animals. The students had the opportunity to learn the sounds and the moves of the farm animals. We also learnt the song “Old McDonald had a farm”. They all enjoyed making animal sounds! We made many interesting animal crafts this month as well. We made pig paper plates with pink tissue paper, dog ears and a heart mouse.


The letters that we focused this month were M, N and O. With fun games, the students were able to enjoy learning the alphabet.


This month, we learnt the colour purple and practiced how to recognise it from the other colours. As well as the colour purple, we did many different activities with the colours as well. For Example, the students sorted fruits and vegetables by colour. They picked them up and put them inside the correct colour basket. The students also enjoyed the cupcake activity which was to match the cupcakes with the same colour. Last but not least, we did finger painting, colouring a yellow duck.


We didn’t learn a new shape this month, so we focused on reviewing the previous shapes. We made coloured shaped cookies with shape toys and did a puzzle finding the correct shapes. Students had fun exploring the shapes!


For the opposites and emotions, we did some more advanced activities. We practiced open and close/shut with the door, our backpacks and water bottles. And in and out. For emotions we practiced happy and sad.


Our math activities focused on reviewing the numbers 1 to 5. We picked up apples according to the numbers and practiced lacing with numbers. Overall, this month students enjoyed singing, dancing, playing together and laughing with their friends everyday!