Pre class 〜🌰September🌰〜 ブログ(代官山)

The first month of Autumn was a month full of fun and interesting activities! Our month’s theme was farm animals. The students had the opportunity to learn the sounds and the moves of the farm animals. We also learnt the song “Old McDonald had a farm”. We also made many interesting crafts this month. We made a cat craft from the students’ handprints and this month’s alphabet letters crafts which they all really enjoyed♪


The letters that we focused this month were M, N and O. With fun games, the students were able to enjoy learning the alphabets!


This month we learnt the colour purple and practiced how to recognise it from the other colours. As well as the colour purple, we did many different activities with the other colours. For example, the students sorted fruits and vegetables by colour. They picked them up and put them inside the correct colour baskets. We also played bowling with the colour flashcards, we learnt about cupcakes and matched the cupcakes with the same colour. Students enjoyed learning colours!



The shape that we focused this month was oval. We learnt about what kind of objects are oval and tried to distinguish the oval shape from the circle shape. Moreover, we made coloured shaped cookies with the shaped toys and completed “The very hungry caterpillar” puzzle finding the pieces from the sensory boxes. The students had fun exploring the sensory box!


For our math activities we focused on number recognition from 1 to 6. We counted the seeds of a watermelon and we found the five little ducks and put them back with their mommy duck. We also built a tower cup! Everyday the students enjoyed singing, dancing, playing, laughing, and having snacks with their friends.