Sports day! 2021 ブログ(代官山)

On October 8th our school held the Sports Day Event at Rise Setagaya. It was a great opportunity for the RISE Daikanyama students to visit our second school in Setagaya and engage in many fun activities.

The students were very excited go on a short trip and to ride the train together. They enjoyed  sightseeing from the  train’s windows and couldn’t wait to arrive at the Setagaya school.


When we arrived at the school, the students got ready for a sports day event! We did stretching and warmup exercises at the schools’ rooftop.


Once we finished with our warmups, then we got ready to go to the park for our next activities. The first activity was the ball toss. The students were divided into two teams, yellow and purple and the had to toss balls inside the bucket without entering the circle.


For the second activity our two teams did the Baton Relay. It was fun to see the students go through the obstacles and run like the wind as they pass the baton to their team mates.


The students were exhausted and tired after the race, but it was time for lunch. We went back to the Setagaya school for lunch and playtime. After lunch we headed back to Daikanyama.


When we arrived back we held a small awarding ceremony. The students had the opportunity to experience this kind of event for the first time. They all did great, and everyone felt like a winner! It was a good time for the students to experience and practice teamwork and sportsmanship!