🧙‍♀️Halloween Blog 2021🎃 ブログ(代官山)

Halloween Song and Dance
To start off our Halloween fun, RISE kids got to show off their costumes and join in some Halloween songs. This year’s songs were “Orange Pumpkins” and “Spooky Loo.” We all enjoyed dancing and laughing together.

Pumpkin Carving
This year, RISE kids got the chance to crave a real Jack-o-lantern. First, everyone came up to scoop out the gooey pumpkin seeds. Next, we worked in two teams to design the face for the pumpkin. And finally, everyone watched as their teachers carved their designs to make the Jack-o-lantern.

Halloween Fun and Games
The students also got to participate in an exciting and spooky Halloween carnival. There were fun games like pin the spider on the web and the witches hat ring toss. RISE students also got to play a spooky guessing game where they could touch all kinds of spooky things. Last, students went through a really scary haunted house.

Trick or Treating
In the afternoon, RISE kids got to go around the neighborhood and trick or treat. With the help of our parent volunteers, students got many treats and even some tricks! It was so nice seeing everyone dressed up and having a fun time!!