Daikanyama Pre class 〜🌝Novenber🌝〜 ブログ(代官山)

November was a month full of flavours and smells. Our students had the opportunity to learn about different fruit and vegetables through several activities.

They enjoyed learning about the names of fruits and vegetables, identify the colours and talk about its taste. They had fun cutting fruit and vegetables and cooked a delicious autumn soup with the younger friends!

This month we learnt the letters S, T and U and made letter crafts like U for unicorn, T for tree. Students practiced cutting using scissors while making the craft. They are improving with their cutting skills! 

We learnt the autumn colours and practiced ripping and sorting tissue paper to the correct colour buckets.

Our students learnt to count from 1 to 8 this month. They picked-up apples and fed Mr. Bear which they enjoyed a lot!