Daikanyama Kinder class 〜🍁November🍁〜 ブログ(代官山)

As the leaves on the trees continued to fall and the breeze outside started to cool, November truly “Smells Like Autumn.” During this month, we talked about the season of fall and made our very own autumn tree with different shades of red, orange and yellow leaves for our group craft! We also learned new songs like “I’m a Little Acorn Nut” and “Vegetable Song.” Singing and dancing along to these songs really made the students happy and excited!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

We began our lesson about autumn by going outside and doing a fall scavenger hunt to look for some of the things that we usually see during this season such as fallen leaves, acorns, pumpkin, scarecrow, umbrella, apples, raincoats and rain boots! We all had heaps of fun walking around in the park, hunting each thing and checking them off our cards!

 Pumpkin Life Cycle
Since November was also considered harvest month, we did learn about one of the most popular and healthiest vegetable — the pumpkin! We were so surprised to learn that the huge pumpkins we usually see came from a tiny seed! We enjoyed learning the life cycle of a pumpkin and arranging the correct sequence of its stages on how it grows.

 Fall Dress Up
It also started to get cooler during this month so for us to remember what to wear, we played the Fall Dress Up Game! We took turns in getting some hats, gloves, scarves, and jackets to dress up our friends so they will not get cold! It was so much fun to dress up each other and learn about different ways to keep warm this season!

 Sweet Potato Dessert
For our cooking day, we made a yummy sweet potato dessert! We all had fun mashing the sweet potatoes, making them into balls and putting different toppings on it like colorful sprinkles and chocolate chips! It was very tasty and healthy!