🎄Christmas show 2021🎄 ブログ(代官山)

December was a busy and festive month at Rise Daikanyama! The little ones spent the month of December preparing for their Christmas show presentation. For their Christmas show, the students had to learn the song, Feliz Navidad. We had to explain to the kids that the song is in Spanish and English, and that “Feliz Navidad” means Merry Christmas is Spanish. The kids had a lot of fun singing this classic Christmas song. It was a great way to teach the students a song in a different language.

For this school years Christmas play, the students did a retelling of an old folk tale “The wolf and the five little goats”. The students spent a lot of time rehearsing for the play. It was quite impressive to see the students get in character as they perform and memorize the songs and all their lines for their presentation! The performance was a big challenge for the students, but they ultimately had a lot of fun and did an amazing job in their Christmas performance.

The students did a song presentation in Japanese too! The students were so cute as they pretended to be woodland animals as they sang their song!

We are very happy to have ended our 2021 at Rise with so much holiday cheer and festivity! We would like to thank everyone for your continued support in our school!  We hope to continue this Christmas tradition in the coming years and hopefully add more as we continue to grow our school. We are excited and we look forward to sharing more memorable milestones and happy memories with our Rise school community this year. Happy New Year everyone!