PrePre class Report ブログ(世田谷)

December was such a great month for the children.

We celebrated the Christmas holiday and talked about the amazing things that you see in the holiday season.

From there we worked on colors, the color of the month was white with a swift and

fun review of all the other colors the children have been learning since we started.

We play color matching games along with trying to make sure they recognize the colors they know.

They have been doing really well with trying to find the right color.

Shapes are really fun they understand which shapes match.

We made several different shapes so that the kids can go around the school looking for them.

We started with circle, square, and triangle.

We are now building from that with the animal shape puzzles and the kids really love doing puzzles with the teachers.

The alphabet focus was A-G .

 They have been making some progress in this area, they can understand the sound a letter makes.

Numbers have been amazing for the Rise pre-pre class.

They count as best as they could and they follow along with counting and the counting songs.

They know the number that I ask for and they give me that amount. It’s very good I was so surprised.

The kids had a lot of fun listening to different songs like Jingle bells,

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and S-A-N-T-A is his name O.